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Mr. Lynn's  office is in the North Oklahoma City, Edmond area and his practices is primarily in Family Law which includes Divorce, Custody, , and Guardianship of children.

Mr. Lynn understands that when people hire an attorney for a Divorce, child custody, or guardianship action they are often experiencing very stressful situations. These people need someone who cares about them and will support them in the face of emotional time. Mr. Lynn makes sure his clients receive high quality legal advice that they need to make the best decisions possible for themselves and their family. 

He has handled untold numbers of divorces, paternity cases, child custody cases, visitation of children and child support modification cases. He has handled a number of cases on appeal that have involved Custody, Interstate Jurisdiction, and Guardianship, and has supervised a grandparent visitation appeal.

Mr. Lynn has represented many victims of domestic violence and understands that the most dangerous time for a victim is when the victim is trying to leave the abuser. Mr. Lynn has worked with staff at the YWCA on domestic violence issues. He has provided training on Domestic Violence in the Family Law setting. He knows about the power dynamics in an abusive relationship. He understands that an abuser's demands for custody of a victim's children are often nothing more than using children as a weapon to maintain  continue control over the victim or to force the victim to withdraw any domestic or criminal complaint that may be pending and to submit to continuing control.

Mr. Lynn understands the need to counsel the victim on how to be safe during the separation process and to insure that children are protected from exposure to abuse. He understands that a long term victim may be less capable of resisting the controlling efforts of an abuser without strong legal support. He also understands that a victim may try to leave an abuser several times before they are successful and that remaining as a willing advocate despite a client's wavering determination is what the client needs.




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